About Box Full of Love


Our Story

Box Full of Love was born out of Chef Diane’s insatiable love of baking and her crazy inability to stay out of the kitchen and away from flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla. 

Founder and Chief Artisan Sweets Maker, Diane Bukatman, MA, CEC, CNTP graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with Honors in 1986 with an insane passion for cooking. Our shop is a spin-off of For the Love of Food, LLC, which was cooked up in Baltimore in 2000 as a Culinary Experience Company and Cooking School. 


The Chef Behind the Bakery

Chef Diane has taught professionally for more than 30 years at some of the best cooking schools in the country. She was also picked as one of the Top Cooking Teachers in Denver by Expertise.com and has been featured in Denver Post, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, and many more. 

For the past 19 years, when not sweetening up your life, Chef Diane leads and inspires culinary corporate team building experiences and adult group cooking classes spanning every cuisine on this planet.